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Best CBD Balms and Salves of 2023

Many of us have experimented with different CBD products that are taken orally. You don’t know what you’re missing out on if you haven’t tried CBD topicals. Topicals infused with cannabidiol (CBD) provide a completely new approach to experience the hemp plant’s enormous value, as they function in a localized, targeted manner rather than disseminating the property-rich cannabinoids and terpenes throughout the body.

CBD salves are applied to the skin and penetrate fast into the body’s joints and muscles. Their effects are limited to the area where they were used, allowing CBD to provide a more concentrated dose of its therapeutic effects to inflamed or otherwise uncomfortable deep tissue. In other words, if you’re having trouble with a certain area of your body that needs some TLC, a salve might be the ideal solution for you.

Our Top 5 CBD Balm and Salve Manufacturers

With hundreds of CBD oil companies to select from, you can imagine how difficult it was to narrow down the four best in the ever-growing sector. We could limit it to these quality firms below by applying the same general guidelines to each CBD oil company we studied. We looked at every conceivable element to develop what can only be described as the finest of the best.

How We Picked the Best CBD Balm

Since the demand for CBD-infused products has expanded dramatically in recent years, many companies that manufacture CBD-infused products also provide a salve. That means the present hemp market offers an almost limitless selection of salve-based products, all of which claim to be the most helpful for pain and other sorts of discomfort.

As a result, it was quite tough for us to limit down just a few brands that produce the best CBD salves available. We wanted to make sure the ones we chose provided overall quality, safety, high-grade ingredients, and effective cannabidiol. It is a list of things to look for that helped us narrow down the best items on the market.

Hemp Source: We looked into several CBD manufacturers to see how they got raw hemp for their salves. It’s always preferred to use organically produced hemp because it’s pesticide-free, and it’s also preferable if it’s cultivated in the United States because it’s subjected to higher farming regulations and is more likely to be fresh owing to less travel.

Active ingredients: CBD is, of course, the main active element of a CBD balm. Companies can, however, add extra active components to their products to boost their efficacy. Menthol, a plant-based cooling agent, and essential oils with anti-inflammatory or analgesic properties are examples.

Strength: A high enough concentration of hemp extract is required to reap the benefits of CBD in a salve composition. We looked at the milligram levels of CBD in several salve recipes to see which ones are effective enough to provide help.

Extraction Method: It’s crucial to understand how the hemp plant’s desired components are extracted from the basic plant material. In general, some extraction procedures produce better results than others. Compared to less optimal methods that rely on solvents, etc., CO2 extraction is often regarded as the best approach available since it offers the maximum chemical stability, purity, potency, and bioavailability.

COA Availability: All CBD products must contain hemp extract that has been lab-tested by a third-party laboratory that is licensed to analyze hemp material and is registered with their state. It is the only way for companies to give customers objective information about their CBD’s quality, purity, and safety. As a result, we only selected brands that provide certificates of analysis, often known as lab reports, on their websites.

The Brand’s reputation: Because the CBD market is so competitive, it takes a lot for a particular CBD company to stand out and dazzle the hemp community. We checked reviews and the brands’ overall web presence to ensure that the ones we chose have excellent reputations for their products and general operations.

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